Why don’t Apple computers get viruses?


Why Don’t Apple Computers (Mac’s) Get Viruses?

Mac’s do not use Microsoft (Windows). Windows is an operating system (sometimes abbreviated as "OS") the program that manages all the other programs in a computer. Hackers make viruses that attack the “OS”.

BUT the Mac OS also has a feature built in to prevent tampering to the system. First, programs can’t make changes to the system without authorization from the user. Secondly, Macs also have a feature where a program or virus is not "installed" until you "physically" drag it to the applications folder, meaning you can run programs from their own little shell. This means if a program or virus does try to tamper with your system, you can restart your Mac, delete the shell, and the program is gone. It’s a little more complicated than that in terms of true programming language, but as a Mac user, that’s about all we need to know – Macs have numerous stages of protections set up, whereas Windows is trying to play catch-up in that department.

Apple is a good choice, especially for home and at school. Mac’s are Internet trouble free. No viruses. No ad or spywares. No time or money fixing this type of problem.

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