Water Damage to Computers and Laptops, How to Save your data

Water and liquids in general, are hazardous to many electrical components in a laptop, Mac or desktop PC and can be expensive to fix or replace. Spillage onto the keyboard can cause damage to the hard drive and other components. Water damages the products components, introduces a shock hazard and can completely destroy your machine.

Certain liquids are more destructive because some acidity in water or liquids can cause corrosion to the metal contacts and internal circuit boards.

But in the event of a spillage, there are numerous actions you can take:

  1. Turn it off – If your computer is on, shut it off immediately and if not DO NOT TURN IT ON. Then remove the battery, A/C adapter, unplug from wall current and any external devices. The biggest danger thus far is that your machine could short out!
  2. With laptops – turn the product upside down immediately to stop liquid seeping inside
  3. Use a paper towel to soak up any spillage or sticky bits you can get too, including any external devices or cards.
  4. Disassemble laptop, MAC or desktop computer where you can. Consult a professional for further help.
  5. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours. Do not turn power on before this time.
  6. Clean with a solvent-based cleaner.
  7. Put back together to see if working.

Water Damage to your valuable data

Computer hard drives, tapes drives, external hard drive and flash drives and other data storage media are vulnerable to water damage and flooding. It makes your data inaccessible and can cause serious data loss. But do not panic even if the storage media has been under water and its components are damaged. Recovery is still possible.

If your office or house floods and your critical data are not backed up then you may be in a critical situation. The hard drive might have vital office documents, financial reports or priceless pictures. To overcome all these situations, you need to opt for a Data Recovery service of an experienced and reliable company.

To have safe recovery for your data from water damage, here are few tips to help you:

Remove your computer from water and do not switch it on because it may cause short circuit.

Never try to dry or heat the hard drive. When flooding takes place, dirt and some other debris may enter into your computer and by attempting to remove water from your hard drive may cause worse damage.

Take your hard drive and pack it in airtight bag. You should keep the hard drive moist.

Recovery from water damaged hard drive includes the following steps:

Fresh water treatment or cleaning

Platter dismounting and surface treatment

Chemical drying inside Clean Rooms

Platter surface re-lubrication

Repairing or replacing damaged components

The most important and critical step of recovery process is to use a professional recovery company. You should always go for a reliable and experience company to achieve success.

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