Trenton Computer Fair Success in the 37th year

The Trenton Computer Festival has had a major impact on many careers including my own.

  I attended the festival for the first time as an IBM Customer Engineer performing field service and repairs on IBM Selectric typewriters (the most common desktop / office machine at that time).
  WHAT an eye opener! Sharing and talking with vendors at the out door flea market for two days straight. Learning about business opportunities that helped motivate my small business start up in 1986; The Computer Fixer, Philadelphia.
  Still successful today I have the opportunity to help many others learn how to perform on-site computer repairs and networking for small businesses and large educational institutions.
 Thank you Trenton Computer Festival for your 37th year! I relish each opportunity as a vendor at the flea market and try to give back to the community.
  I have shared my knowledge and  helped encourage the younger generations. It’s fun to watch them seize the opportunity as I did over 25 years ago. TCF is very unique and an education available once a year given by volunteers and pioneers of the computer industry.
  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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