Tools to Effectively Sync All Your Devices


Tools to Effectively Sync All of Your Devices

You’ve got a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, and a streaming media player you wish would just get along. You’re tired of manually sending files from device to device, never having them available on the device you’re actually using at the moment. Instead of pulling your hair out because you can’t stand to transfer one more file, look into file-syncing applications that automatically take care of everything for you.



Cloud Storage

Cloud computing is more than a buzz word or a fad, it’s one of the most useful ways to sync your data across all of your devices. The main benefit with cloud-based services is that all you need is a web browser to access data from any device you choose. Of course, if you use a supported platform it’s even better.

Dropbox has a mobile and desktop app that automatically syncs added files across all of your devices immediately. It checks on a regular basis for changes, so if you’re on a slower Internet connection or satellite Internet such, you’ll see the changes automatically taking place. Another great implementation of cloud syncing is Apple’s iCloud, which shares all of your media across OS X and iOS devices. SugarSync is another popular cloud storage and back-up option that keeps all of your key files right at your fingertips. When you want to preserve essential family memories, this is the perfect app for the job.


It’s a pain to lose access to your bookmarks, browser settings and extensions every time you switch computers or devices. Google Chrome syncs all of these, along with any open tabs you have, across your devices. It’s tied in to your Google account, so it adds another layer of functionality to a service you probably already have set up. Mozilla Firefox offers a similar syncing service, so you never have to leave home without your bookmarks. When you’re bouncing from computer to computer to help out your kids, being able to access the same content makes your life much simpler.

Instant Messaging

Even instant messaging is getting in on the device syncing game. Trillian and other popular multi-IM client messenger services have cloud syncing set up for all supported devices, enabling you to transfer your current chats and chat logs among all connected devices. It also takes the pain out of setting up all of your account names and passwords from device to device. When you have enough IM logins to need a multi-IM client, chances are good it’s a pain to remember the usernames and passwords for everything.

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