Simplify Your Customer Support with New Tech Tools


There’s a revolution going on in company customer support teams, and it’s being drive­n by advanced technologies. New tech tools like website avatars, interactive voice messaging, live chat tools and more are helping to streamline customer service in companies.

Saving time while solving issues has always been important for any business. But as technology has grown rapidly in business in recent years, companies have upped their arsenal to work with customer service software at a faster rate while utilizing fewer employees.

The frustrations of customer service still exist. The most common is probably ‘not being able to speak to a person from the company’. It’s true, when customers have a product or service issue, they want human interaction, not an automated program. The company phone system may refer the caller to the company website, but the customer may still end up in without a direct help link. Or it may push the call to automated messaging. But if the caller gets put on hold for too long, he may get frustrated, hang up and the issue stays unresolved. What can a company do to avoid all this technology frustration?

Here are some of the ways customer support teams can balance their customer response with the need to save costs on operations.


Keep the Customer Informed

Let the customer know how long the issue will take to process. Describe to the customer what particular steps you are taking to resolve the issue and repeat that along the process.  Never make a customer wait over three minutes, before letting them know that the representative is still with them.


Offer Live Chat and or Live Web Support

Live chat and or live support is instantly available via computer. Studies show that consumers appreciate live chat or live support with company representatives. There may be words instead of a voice on the other end, but at least customers know that they have made contact and an issue is being resolved.


Offer Mobile Payment Options

For some small businesses, transactions can be done using a Square reader and a customer’s credit card right to the mobile phone.  This is a new customer service area that’s growing in popularity and expectation among customers of your company’s service or products. Digital processing technologies have also allowed for bill payments via smart phones and home PCs, instead of mailing out paper payments.


Shopping Rewards and Loyalty Cards

Customers have shown to be loyal to brands when tangible benefits are found using rewards programs and loyalty cards. Let customers access discounts on their mobile devices at the point of purchase. Customer support tools like online surveys and after-service surveys can be used for enhancing these marketing initiatives.


Provide Self-Service Options

Offering more customer options such as self-serve checkout lanes can quicken a shopping or online experience. But it can also enable less human interaction at the point-of-sale. So it’s important to monitor this activity for any possible ways to improve the experience.

Solid customer support can have a profound effect on a company’s bottom line. Using tech tools to create new opportunities in customer support is definitely an area worth watching. 

This article was written for The Computer FIxer by Allyson Bonavita

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