service, repair, recover, replace, restore, renew

service, repair, recover, replace, restore, and renew


The Computer Fixer does what our name says. We fix computers. But if we tried to put all the services that we do in our name we would fill an entire page, several pages. Just check the pages on our web site.


  • computer installation and repair on all brands of computers
  • home network setup and support
  • wireless networking
  • Internet connections
  • system and memory upgrades
  • computer tune-up
  • recovery services
  • backup
  • virus and malicious software removal
  • security and performance
  • e-mail setup
  • laser printer help
  • software installation
  • purchase recommendations

repair –  do whatever is necessary to make a non-working laser printer, MAC or laptop work.

recover – bring your computer back to normal, we can save you from losing your documents, music and pictures.

replace – experts at putting something new in place of something that got worn out.

restore – we can do it!, bring it back to its original state.

renew – to make it work like new, make extensive changes so it can be used like it once was.

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