Seminar Transform your Sales Culture

Gene Marks asked to share this opportunity with all of you. I could not think of a better way to boost sales or spend some of my Friday time. This is really good stuff!    Chris, Owner of The Computer Fixer

Hi Chris,
Not sure if you’re interested in this seminar or if you could at least pass on the word to any clients that might be?

National sales expert Todd Cohen and I are going to spend Friday morning in Philadelphia talking about getting leads, closing deals and building a sales culture. And technology.

It’s called Transform Your Sales Culture and some of the topics we’ll cover are:
-How to generate greater impact from your sales incentive and compensation plans.
-How to plan for and create a sales culture and not just a sales team!
-How to convert your current CRM system from a “glorified rolodex” to a productive sales and marketing system.
-Which emerging sales and marketing technologies you should consider this year.

I’d love to see you – hope you find this of interest.  Here’s the link:

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