Responsible for Recycling computer desks


Computer table 72" wide downview – $Donation + costs (Philadelpia area)


A 17 inch monitor fits neatly below the tabletop – desktop allowing the entire desktop area to be used. You look through anti-glare glass to view the monitor easily. The keyboard drawer easily retracts under the desk as well. Constructed from the highest quality materials, this workstation combines saving space with a modern design. The classroom or office table – desk holds two computers (side by side) and are 3 to 4 years old, made so well the tables originally came with a lifetime warranty. We have 9 units ready for delivery or pick up.

These tables were used and maintained in a university classroom, very clean, excellent condition and originally cost $699.00. This is a great furniture deal for office, classroom, and training room. Since there are 9 tables X’s two computers per table = class size of 18 computers total.

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