Repair request number 9505

Repair request number 9505

Description: the laptop will not power on, the power adapter lights turn off when plugged into computer, it is critical that the customer gets access to data immediately

Make: Dell Model: Latitude E6510

Type: On-site, service at your place

Customer: Small business

Diagnosis: The main logic board has a dead short, defective component needs replaced. The circuit board will be ordered under warranty and replaced. Since customer needs data immediately the hard drive will be removed and put in an external drive enclosure (with USB connector)

Action: Replaced main logic board, supplied by Dell under warranty. Reinstalled hard drive into laptop, Customer supplied access to their data immediately

Expedited fee: $50.00 (emergency service performed within 4 hours)

Travel fee per trip: $25.00 X 2 trips = $50.00

Repair labor: $0.00 Covered by Dell warranty

Data recovery labor: $100.00 X 2 hours = $200.00 Transfer of hard drive into external drive enclosure

Parts: $0.00 Covered by Dell warranty

Total: $300.00

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