What problems can occur if iPhone is water damaged ?

With iPhones being so technologically advanced these days, when water gets into these little guys there are so many different components that can be damaged. The problems caused can be extensive:
1,   LCD (Screen) fault.

2, Digitiser failure
This can lead to watermarking on your screen which can cause distortion. You can also get faulty imagery such as distorted colouring and blurring of your screen and images.

This can mean that the iPhone may not even recognise the touch of your finger at all or only certain parts of the screen will work. You may find that pressing one thing will start another function.
3, Home button failure.

Your button may fail to work completely making you unable to use this button to close your apps or get back to your home screen.
4, Power button failure.

You may not be able to turn you iPhone on or off.
5,Volume button failure.

Your volume buttons may cease to work, or they may malfunction and cause volume variation to occur without touch.
6, Mute button failure. 

This is where you will not be able to put your phone into silent mode.
7, Power dock corrosion and damaged pins.

When water gets into your charger dock, it can corrode some of the components and stop your iPhone from being able to charge.
8, Short Circuit.

This can cause a complete failure of your iPhone.
9, Battery Failure.

The iPhone battery has its own processor at the bottom which can be damaged permanently from the water which will cause the battery to be unable to hold charge or even take charge.
10, IC power flow.

These components manage the flow of power from within the phone.
11, Main board component damage.

These components are essentially the working brain of your iPhone. If the main board components corrode or parts fall off then this renders your iPhone useless.
12, Camera damage.

Water can penetrate the camera and cause blurring, or it can corrode components and cause faults with focus or cause the camera to cease working completely.
13, Wifi chip damage.

Damage to this means your phone will lose capability of finding wifi and connecting to it.


Ultimately water damage can affect more than one of your iPhones components which if left unattended to for too long can cause the phone to be rendered totally unoperational.

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