PC Gamers: Last Call for the Games You’ve Been Dying to Play

 PC gamers across the world know it’s that time of year when games they’ve been patiently salivating over for the past 10 months are finally being released. Read on for a recap of some of the most popular new-release games that have you champing at the bit.


"Firefall" is a free PC game that you can play right now from Red 5 Studios, a company founded by executives and key developers of Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.

"Firefall" is an online shooter game where you and your buds take on the worst threat to ever come to earth called the Melding. The game is massive in scope and you level up a variety of character classes as you fight to save humanity.

Need for Speed Rivals

Die-hard fans of the "Need for Speed" franchise take heart as the newest edition to the popular franchise is set to hit stores. The game promises to be the best edition yet with stellar graphics and extreme game play.

Players find themselves in some of the most intense competition as they try to outrace the cops in an expansive open road setting. Players can either be a cop or a racer and there are challenges for whichever role you decide to play.

Of course there’s online game play featuring a new innovation called “AllDrive” which allows players to seamlessly go from playing the game alone to playing with friends, blurring the line between single and multiplayer gaming.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

There’s been some differences of opinion about this game as far as how engaging it is. But honestly, how can this game not engage anyone brave enough to sit down and grab a controller?

The vignettes alone force players to pay attention to their screen monitors just to see all that’s happening in front of them.

You’re in the ocean avoiding a great white, you’re in space, you’re driving a tank and you’re flying an apache, so forget about boredom, soldier. You don’t have time to be bored!

Then there’s the online game play. But in this instance, it may be somewhat boring as it’s more of the same that you’ve seen from previous campaigns, but ultimately this isn’t a bad thing, it just would have been nice to see some enhancements here.

Battlefield 4

The battle between rival games "Call of Duty" and "Battlefield 4" continues to heat up and the ultimate winners in this hard fought battle for military dominance is the gamer.

The "Battlefield 4" download for PC puts the player in a covert U.S. Marine scenario. Your part of an elite unit code-named the “Tombstone Squad” and you’re mission is simple: Sneak into communist China and rescue a key figure.

There are a few improvements that separate "Battlefield 4" from its previous incarnation. The online game play component has been improved upon as gamers experience more ground action and a more dramatic in game experience.

Also new this time is the addition of a new ability to spot enemies with your set of tactical binoculars, giving players the ability to send soldiers to advance and engage enemies spotted this way.

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