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Carry-In Repair Solutions

Coverage throughout Philadelphia, Drexel & UPENN Universities

Directions to the carry-in center location for U.Penn and Drexel, bring your computers here for repair!


The Computer Fixer provides consistent, fast and reliable Philadelphia area service. From a 25 mile radius of Philadelphia, your organization can rely on quality, brand neutral, professional repair solutions.

Your place or ours

The Computer Fixer will pick up carry-in repairs from designated locations, bring them to our repair facilities, provide expert repair, and promptly return them to the pickup location. It is a simple, fast service solution that enhances your IT department, school or business. There is no charge for university departments.

Service experience

The Computer Fixer is the only Philadelphia service center over 20 years old. We were the 1st in Philadelphia. One the first service centers in the country. The Computer Fixer has provided over 50,000 in-warranty repairs on computers such as Apple, Dell, IBM/Lenovo, and Sony since 1986. We have provided PC, MAC and Laser printer service out-of-warranty repairs for over 100,000 computers. Our service center is located near the center of Philadelphia at 33rd and Market Streets. University students Students, staff, and Philadelphia computer users carry in their computers and printers for repair. Our service center is located on Drexel University’s campus. Students receive discounted pricing; university ID required.

Carry In pricing & information

Why purchase a brand new computer when for a reasonable repair charge you can get your current one working properly again? You’re already familiar with how your existing computer works and what about all those files? So go ahead and bring it in so we can fix it.

We’ve made the process of getting your computer repaired as simple and convenient as possible. All you do is carry it in to our service center and we’ll do the rest. Upon arrival to our service center one of our technicians will disassemble and diagnose the problem. They will email or call and give an estimated cost of repair. Upon approval we’ll repair it and call you when it’s finished. It’s that simple.

There is an initial non-refundable charge of $45.00 for diagnosis for university only. This will be charged when the computer is brought in. This fee will be subtracted from your total. If you choose not to have your computer repaired it will be disposed of adhering to local e-waste standards, thereby releasing you from that liability.

Carry in service is the least expensive and fastest way to get your computer repaired. The process is simple:


We’ll ask for a deposit of $45.00.This applies towards your repair. A deposit is required upon drop off.

2) WE WILL CHECK OUT YOUR Laptop, Desktop, or Printer


We will order parts (if necessary), fix the computer and notify you when it’s ready.


You will have 15 days to pick up your computer once it is completed. You will get a 30 day warranty on labor and 90 days on parts.

Description of computer Deposit Fee Recycling Fee Total Due at Drop-Off
Laptops,Desktops,Printers $45.00 Included $45.00 + tax

Labor Rates Example

  • The technician determines the repair cost on a case-by case basis. So there isn't a set repair rate that can be applied to all jobs. Instead we have listed what the average repair bill will run on some of the types of repair.
  • The deposit paid upon drop-off will be subtracted from the total repair bill if you approve the repair.
  • Total repairs consist of labor, parts (if needed), and tax.
  • The following is a guideline. To give you an accurate estimate we will need to look at the computer.
  • These figures are average; some may be less, others more expensive, but these figures are what most people can expect to pay.
Type of Repair Average Labor Cost
Laptop repair $125.00
Desktop repair $110.00
Laser Printer $95.00
University discount 20% off all labor rates with university ID.
  • Most parts will be received in 1-3 business days. Hard to find parts may need to be sent by mail and may take 5-7 business days. Parts may also be on backorder and have no estimated time for arrival. We will do our best to give you a time of when to expect your repair completed.
  • Parts that total cost is over $300 will require an additional part deposit of 1/2 the total part cost. For instance, a $400 part will require an additional part deposit of $200 before we order the part. If our estimate is wrong and that part was not needed, or the computer has more problems resulting in an uneconomical repair, your part deposit will be refunded.

Repair estimate Declined

  • If you decline the estimate you will have 30 days to pick up your broken item.
  • After 30 days we will sell or recycle the item with no further notice.

Repair Completed and Warranty

  • Once we receive your parts and complete your repair we will notify you. You will then have 30 days to pick up the item and pay the repair bill in full.
  • Your estimate deposit will apply fully towards your repair.
  • If your computer is not picked up within 15 days after repair completion, we will sell or recycle the item with no further notice.
  • Repaired items carry a 30 day warranty on labor and a 90 day warranty on parts. Mishandling, misuse, power surge and lightning are NOT covered. Problems different from the initial problem that was the item was fixed for may not be covered under warranty. If you have a problem, contact us ASAP.
  • Carry-in items will have to be brought back to the service center for warranty service.

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