Leap Motion Lets You Control PC with a Gesture

 The development of touch-screen technology changed the way we interact with our devices. It does have its drawbacks, such as greasy screens and a scratch here or there, but it works wonderfully. Surprisingly enough, however, something new has come along, something that may one day make the touch screen a messy inconvenience.

Leap Motion

With its first product offering, the Leap Motion Controller, users can plug into almost any laptop and manipulate the screen via a series of hand and finger movements in the air. Like having a touch-screen computer, but without actually touching the screen. The company’s website explains that the controller maps how your hands move, and can detect with pinpoint precision every small motion they make.

Because of this accuracy, you’ll be able to do almost everything you’d do with a mouse and keyboard with hand gestures. You can even draw and paint with your fingertip, as well as bend and mold 3D objects. Playing air guitar is also an option, as are the mundane tasks of checking email, renewing a VPS hosting account or general web surfing.

According to Leapmotion.com, the controller will change the way you use your computer. Granted, it’s normal for a new tech device to make bold claims about how it will transform your world. However, with Leap Motion, it appears that some of the major computer manufacturers are already convinced. This has many in the tech industry taking a second look at what Leap Motion is offering.

The Endorsement of HP and Asus

According to Darrell Etherington from Techcrunch.com, Leap Motion is already scheduled to be included in future HP devices, even though its first product has yet to hit store shelves. This amounts to an impressive endorsement by a huge computer manufacturer, especially considering that consumers have yet to try the technology.

The motion capabilities will first be available to HP buyers in the form of a bundle, where the controller w

ill come included with certain HP computers. In the future, however, the technology will come embedded in the devices. Users will not need a separate controller because it will all be part of the HP computer.

Asus has also come onboard with Leap and will be bundling the controller with some of its future computers, as well.


Airspace is Leap Motion’s version of an App Store, where it will offer motion-compatible software to go along with its products. Airspace will be included with all the PCs Leap products, according to Chris Burns at Slashgear.com. This means the company will get a huge push in marketing its products to consumers.

Leap will successfully link Airspace with motion-controlled software in the eyes of consumers, which will give them a significant head start in what will likely be a rapidly growing market.

Clean Screens

If the Leap Motion controller functions as intended, dirty touch screens will soon be a thing of the past. Consumers will have an even better way to interact with their devices, and Leap Motion will enjoy all of the financial rewards of being at the forefront of an emerging industry.

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