How to use your phone while driving

How to use your phone while driving

Face the facts, all of us at some time are tempted to use their phone while behind the wheel. Drivers mentally struggle every time that important call or text comes through while we are driving, we want to drive safe and “do the right thing,” not allowing yourself to get distracted.

Statistics confirm that if we don’t drive distracted then we are in fewer accidents and exhibit overall better driving. We all know the rules of the road, but it’s not enough. Here some techno-tools to help you resist from answering that phone while driving.

First, try talking to others about safe-driving. You probably will receive “sure, okay, whatever” comments but remember sharing some simple rules of the road will keep all of us safe. There are too many of us giving in to the temptation and driving unsafe. Just look around while you drive at all the people using their phones at intersections or that person who is driving slower than everyone else because they are texting or looking up a contact to make a call.

There are ways to help our younger drivers learn, but a lot of experienced drivers should know this as well. Alive at 25 helps you find driving safety courses developed by the National Safety Council. There are some good reality checks here to think about. It may even help you realize how fragile life is

Another interesting way to help you resist those urges to use the phone while driving is the use of cell phone monitoring apps. These distracted driving monitors notify the parent, spouse or other caring person that web browsing, texting or emailing is occurring when the phone’s speed is over 10 mph. As a parent or caring friend you can remotely enable phone tracking (using the phone’s GPS) from the driver’s mobile phone.

We all know that driving while texting, surfing the Web and emailing is a big no-no. Luckily, there are a lots of applications available for Smart phones like Android and the Apple iPhone that will disable the phone while it’s in motion, except for emergency calls.

Most allow you to set an automated text reply, such as “I am driving right now; I’ll get back with you shortly”. offers a free application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones. It reads your text messages and emails aloud, hands-free, it is Bluetooth compatible and has a customizable auto-responder. It’ll read up to 50 words per message for free.


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