How to Remove the Junk That Comes With Downloading a Great New Free PC Game

 It is impressive to witness the growing video, mobile and PC game explosion. From the increasing hype of the Playstation 4 release to the staggering amount of downloads for mobile and computer games. Unfortunately, free PC game downloads connect with a wide assortment of fake, filler or potentially malicious junk.

Many PC games are completely free, which places into question how these game makers are making money on their software. Manyhidden object games are intensely addictive and interactive, so creators and distributors make income through in-game purchases. Players can purchase upgrades, bonus levels and special content. Free games usually contain ads or sponsors as well.

Another popular method is download attachments. When a user downloads a particular game, they wind up with a variety of junk programs and additions. One popular one is, a conversion from the traditional Google search platform. It is a toolbar addition that is not necessarily junk, but not intentionally downloaded. There are three main areas where you can find additional unexpected downloads, ranging from qualified and legitimate software to malicious and virus-intensive junk.


Junk Add-Ons Level 1: The Control Panel

Many PC users know that you can clear out excessive downloads through the control panel and the programs tab. A brief search through your programs will allow you to find out exactly what is on your computer, and what has been recently added. This is a great place to start for clearing out the obvious junk content. One of the most popular is an entire browser. CNet reports there are more than 1,000 active industry browsers, most not being intentionally downloaded. Because Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have dominated the browsing industry, many smaller web browsers are being added to popular PC games, such as Opera for Mac users and the growing Safari browser. Comodo Dragon is a normal web browser, but because it was not in the initial download package it may be considered a junk file.

Junk Add-Ons Level 2: The Browser

Some of the PC game add-ons do not appear in the installed programs area because they are toolbars, extensions and browser additions. These can be accessed through your browser settings. If you visit this section, be sure to deactivate and uninstall any active extensions that are superfluous or junk. To use Chrome as an example, if someone has five active extensions and five open tabs, they have 10 total versions of Chrome running. This causes major slowdown. It is these issues which severely detriment a computer in the long term.

Junk Add-Ons Level 3: The Registry Keys, Cookies, Temporary Files

Many of these PC game junk add-ons do not appear on either the control panel program list or the browser additions. Use WinSettings Pro to clear your computer of excessive junk that often gets built up after a game download. Magic Utilities offers five distinctive removal styles. One targets programs that run on the computer startup. Another is designed to target junk established onto the hard drive.

Softonic reports that Kingsoft Antivirus will scan a game download prior to downloading. This does not always clear the additional add-ons to the video game, but only the game itself. Fortunately, some antivirus designers have incorporated these additional add-ons into the scan of the actual game.

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