Do you still need computer repair?

Do I still need computer repair?

The computer repair industry is always changing. Some the changes the repair industry is challenged with are computers are less expensive to buy and there is lot of new attractive devices such as the Apple iBook or Android (tablet computers). So with that said; do I still need  computer repair?

The good news for the service and repair industry is that the newer the device the more complicated it gets and the more service is needed, it’s not just repairs anymore. Set up, installation, connectivity, networking and servers, security, data transfer and recovery or just finding out what’s wrong so you can decide to fix or buy.

More good news is the number of computers out there that require a variety of services. Annual computer sales recently topped a billion worldwide. 37 percent of those computers were laptops and desktop computers used in businesses including home based offices. Of course there are a lot of computers used by homeowners and students for education or personal use.

Even more good news; there are no major corporations performing repairs, it is a market that small business owners rule. If you need service you need to find a local service center to carry-in your computer or pay a local guy to come to you. The Computer Fixer likes to say “service performed at your place or ours.” We were voted number one in computer service by Philadelphia Magazine.

Check out our blog  you can see examples of the repair and services we perform and how much we charge.

Chris Gordon, Small business owner of a local computer repair says;
I do not think that PC repair will ever decline, but like most industries it has changed, and it will continue to change. We are dealing with a much more computer savvy client; they appreciate help but do not need us for everything. Computers have also changed they are no longer the hobbyist systems of yesterday. So if we are staying current with the technology we can help this new consumer and they will build our business. Our jobs are no longer the master of the mysterious box that somehow increases productivity, but the guide through all of the IT choices available and if we give good fair prices, reliable guidance, we will earn their trust and they will come to us with repairs as well as anything else they need. And it is true, "Size doesn’t matter." You may have only 1 computer or 25 computers we are ready to serv.

Jay Powell, General Manager of a computer service company in Philadelphia agrees; Chris you make a valid point that coincides with my experience – if consumers have data on a PC they have never backed up, and now it has issues concerning recovery, they are willing to sacrifice a greater expense to save it (or just the data). To me that’s where the most concern seems to lie…pictures, e-mail, taxes, etc.

Next they weigh cost of repair against replacement. $250 spent repairing a 3 – 5 year old PC they bought for $500 – $600 and they start thinking differently. I won’t say there isn’t a market, because there is…it’s just different from a few years ago. Personally I’d rather complete 10 fixes in the $100 range for customers than 5 for $200. Those first 10 keep the customers content…not spending too much and believing in repair as an option.

 The 5 @ $200+ start the disposable mindset in action. Time to purchase a new computer, Jay may I bring my new laptop to you so I can have my data transferred from my broken computer?


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