Laptop Loaner Project

Here is how we responded to a request from our higher education customer to provide loaners to students, faculty and employees. If you need any free expert advice on this program, just ask The Computer Fixer.

Laptop Loaner Program

The Computer Fixer has laptop computers for loan. The laptops can be checked out from our service center located on campus, find us and see directions on our website.

The service center performs repairs of computers, printers and peripherals. The loaners may be requested while your repairs are performed. The loaner service is available to students, faculty, departments and schools with proper I.D.

The computers are loaned for an average period of two (2) weeks or more. They are equipped with Windows OS, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, Microsoft Office, and anti-virus software installed. The laptops have a wireless network card so that they can get on the Internet using the wireless access points located on campus. Students, Faculty or Staff members who wish to borrow laptop computers should contact us via phone or by email.

Goals and Guidelines for the laptop loaner program

Laptop Loaner Program guidelines

The Laptop Loaner Program will be provided by The Computer Fixer, at our service center located on campus. We will deliver and pick up loaners for schools, departments and offices.

We would love to hear from you if you are a student or faculty member, and have any suggestions on the program or these guidelines. Feel free to contact The Computer Fixer via phone or email. Many thanks, contact the following:

– Sponsor for loaner program

– Management

Background and purpose

The laptop loaner program was created to bridge the gap between personal laptop ownership among students and increasing reliance of laptops as a necessary tool. Today laptop ownership is very common and the need to have loaners while waiting for your repairs to be completed is very convenient.

The current pool of laptops consists of 20 units, mostly Dell with a few Apples.

There are needs for the use of loaner laptops in student’s academic work, because they have a temporary need for a laptop: their personal laptop is in for repair, or in situations where their personal laptop is insufficient to meet a particular (temporary) academic need.

The goal of the program continues to be; to supplement the ownership of laptops.

Who is this program intended for?

• Students, faculty and staff with proper I.D.

• students, faculty and staff that need a temporary replacement, while your computer is being serviced

Who is this program not intended for?

• Projects or classes looking for a pool of laptops for use by any program

• Programs, classes, or events not intended for – customer / sponsor

• Other activities not directly related to academic use by customer / sponsor

How does one get a laptop?

Any currently enrolled student, current faculty or staff can request a laptop directly from the loaner program. Each participating student can only have one laptop out at a time. Any student picking up a laptop, once a request has been approved, will need to present a valid ID.

What are the borrower’s responsibilities?

All who take advantage of the laptop loaner program are expected to take good care of the laptop and observe best practices related to the physical and network security and protection of the equipment. Equipment will be returned to the program in a timely fashion and in good condition. Students are not responsible for normal wear and tear or hardware failure.

However, students are responsible for significant accidental damage to the equipment, lost equipment, stolen equipment in cases where theft was preventable (police report needed!), and other damage due to misuse or carelessness. Please treat our loaners with care. Thank you.

Students are responsible for removing any personal data from the laptop before it is returned to the program. The laptop may be re-imaged upon its return and any data on the laptop will be irretrievable wiped. No accommodation can be made for recovering personal or academic data left behind on the laptop once it has been returned to the program.

On-Line Loaner Form is suggested

Please use the form below to request a laptop or to contact the program with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. We are starting the program for the first time and it is vital for us to hear from customers and potential customers of the program to make sure we maintain a resource for students and faculty. It is important that you fill in all the fields as best you can. Please double-check contact information, email address and your student ID number.

Your name:

Your username:

The reason you need a loaner:

Your email address: (Important!)

Your ID number:

Your Department:

…or your major (course): (Students)

Inventory ID for laptop: (computer’s property tag or S/N)

Loan requested until: Please specify the expected return date.