Article 82: Sochi Olympics

 Mobile Olympics: Options from the Modern Nerd Blog  

Hey guys, I hope everyone has been dealing with the snow, because it’s been a rough winter. There is some consolation though; the Olympics are back and in Sochi, Russia. As America competes to be the gold medal leader again, there are some cool ways to keep up with the action even if you can’t sit and watch them live. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers can take advantage of apps created especially for the games. This week, the Modern Nerd is going to review a couple put out covering the competition, which are available on Apple and Android devices.

NBC Sports Live Extra

This app is available for iDevices and Android, and features full-event replays, highlights, and live streaming of events playing in real time. You can set reminders about events that you don’t want to miss, like the hockey tournament. Or curling, if that’s your thing…

On Demand video and the full host of features are available for free, so long as you have a cable television subscription and an online account to access.

Sochi 2014 Results

For Windows Phone, Android and iOS, you can get the winners of all the events, and current medal counts. Once you specify your favorite country, it will be highlighted and feature the most pertinent information for you. Just search for Sochi Results in your App Store to find this simple and useful app.

Sochi Guide 2014

If you need a schedule of the events, then this is the app for you. Even though the events don’t change drastically from year to year, their locations and times will be different based on the home country. If you are looking for pictures, maps, and stadium information at your fingertips, then the Sochi Guide is available for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Android.


While the hockey tournament is always my favorite, and the most laden with rich history with the victory over Russia in years past, you can find any event that you are looking for, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the best athletes in the world compete for gold.

Even nerds can love sports guys, I know I do. Thanks for reading. Check out the latest from our blog by subscribing to our email list. 

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