Article 77: Mechanical Keyboard Review Part 2

Cooler Master CMStorm QuickFire Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Review

Hey ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Modern Nerd blog. Last week I unboxed and started to use my brand-new keyboard, which I have been excited about getting for the last few weeks. My initial reactions have turned into initial impressions, and I would like to describe the differences in the use of a regular keyboard and the mechanical version, so you can get an idea if this style is something that you would consider for yourself.

Backlighting or Room Lighting?

I mentioned that the lights are bright. It’s really apparent when you crank it up to max, in a dark room it could wreck your night vision. However, the keyboard has 5 different brightness settings, so you can see the keys very clearly no matter what your light levels are. The keys themselves are printed in very large letters, which is fantastic for visibility. My last keyboard was a Logitech gaming setup, and while I enjoyed it while I had it, the letters would be harder to read at a glance if my eyes weren’t up to the task. The two modes that the QuickFire comes with, steady and pulsing, are pleasing and easy to read. The last mode, which illuminatesd only the WASD and Arrow keys, is slightly goofy, but you don’t have to use it. If I were playing a game that used them exclusively I could see the logic, but when you use WASD for directional controls, it’s the surrounding keys you need to see to access secondary functions. It’s not a feature I see myself using much.
Verdict: The LED’s are awesome and don’t feel skimped on one bit. Very positive.

Typing Experience, Computer Nirvana

Wow. Yes, this blog is going to be another gushing review of a mechanical system, but it is in no way undeserved. I feel like the keyboard is trying to make me a faster typist. I never played attention to the typing classes in school, and just through the everyday use of computers have taught myself to type. I rarely look at a conventional keyboard, but laptops are different, because they don’t feel as natural.

The flat-style keyboard is to a conventional as the conventional is to a mechanical. You don’t buy the clicky keyboard because you want to hear it all the time, that’s just a nice perk. You buy it because it will teach your muscle memory how to get faster. Pressing the keys half-way registers in your brain and you move on quickly. I wanted the keyboard primarily for games, but the typing is fantastic, and I’m wholeheartedly sold.

Mistakes have increased in my typing because I feel myself typing faster. I think that given the time to fully adjust to the new feel, they will return to the normal level, with the words per minute up significantly.
Verdict: I expected good, and I got fantastic. Completely satisfied.

Slight Paranoia,  AKA Drawbacks

There are not many things that I don’t like, but I wouldn’t be doing you guys any justice by leaving them out. There is no wrist-rest with this system, and I have become used to it, so I may get a replacement that fits with the new keyboard. The other thing that is slightly annoying is the care I have to have when having food at my desk.

A normal keyboard can take a fair amount of punishment in the liquid spills department. You can even put it in the dishwasher and get it clean; provided you don’t LCD screens or indicators on your keyboard (Can you tell I’m a gamer?). It’s true. However, mechanicals will die if you spill your coffee or water or anything on them. The switches do not do well with spills. So I am being very careful, bordering on paranoia around my new toy. Just food for thought if you have had to clean coffee off of your desk once or twice.

Thanks for reading everyone. My experience with this keyboard has been great. I am really happy with it and it has earned my stamp of approval. The Modern Nerd blog returns every week at the Computer Fixer’s page on Facebook or you can subscribe to our mailing list. 

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