Article 76: Mechanical Keyboard Review Part 1

CMStorm QuickFire Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another edition of the Modern Nerd blog. This week I have the pleasure of introducing to you my newest toy. I decided to make the move to a Mechanical keyboard after hearing all of the positive things about them, namely the improved typing experience, and the tactile feedback of being able to press the key halfway to actuate it. I just unboxed and installed this piece of hardware, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed so far. This will be the first of a two-parter blog testing out the CM Storm keyboard, today going over features and first impressions, and next week I will be back with a much more detailed review on my full thoughts.

Click Click Click

There is a noticeable audible difference in the keys. I personally love it, I think that it pays wonderful homage to arcade games of old and the first keyboard that I ever used, back before keyboards got cheaper and were mass produced to be functionally the same as remote controls. Every single key has a mechanical switch that is rated for over 50 million presses. I don’t think that my brain has a good enough concept of what 50 million presses of a key is, no matter how many vowels I type over the course of a normal college career. With a two year warranty, this thing should be a keyboard that lasts me for the forseeable future of my desktop computer.

Backlit and Beautiful

The CMStorm Ultimate is a black keyboard, and the LED lighting underneath comes in several colors depending on the mechanical switches that you get with it. The first thing that I noticed however, is that it’s BRIGHT. I have included the below picture to give you an idea of what I am talking about, but it is clear that no matter the time of day or lighting around my desk, I will always be able to see the keys. They have improved on the concept of a backlit keyboard very well, and with 5 different brightness settings there is very little chance that you wouldn’t be able to find one to suit your needs.



Function Key and Windows Lock Keys

The top row of keys doesn’t get much use during the normal session on the computer, unless you’re a StarCraft player. But this keyboard packs some functionality into that row, without adding to the space that it takes up on your desktop. The F1-F12 keys have LED controls, Media Controls for music and videos, and even a control setting for the speed that keys will repeat themselves when you leave the button pressed. The Windows Key can be turned off or on, with a special LED that indicates what mode the keyboard is currently in. These features are designed for the gamer that knows what they are doing,  but are practical to someone who just loves their computers, and if it’s something that you spend a large amount of time with each day, you should enjoy the experience as much as you can.


Thanks for reading. I will be finishing my testing of all of the features of this cool piece of tech, and give you my more informed opinion next week. Until then, stay tuned and happy computing! Follow the Computer Fixer’s Blog on Facebook or through our mailing list.


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