Article 73: Laptop Features at Home

Getting Laptop Features on your Desktop

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Modern Nerd. After a brief hiatus to fight off a fever, I am back, and I want to give you some cool things to do to your desktop machine to give you laptop features. (Say what?) There are so many cool things that are integrated into the structures of your laptop that might not be standard on a desktop machine. The beauty of the desktop is the modular nature however, so you can add on pieces to give you all of the functionality that you need, and for less than you might think. Let’s take a closer look.

SD and Multimedia Card Readers

Laptops make it really easy on video cameras and digital cameras because of their built-in SD card readers. Desktop computers that are built from the ground up don’t usually have this feature, but here are a few tricks for getting around this. First, you can use your printer. Printers sometimes have SD card readers because of their ability to print directly, so you can access the data over a USB connection. This is a little bit slower than our other option though. You can purchase and install in your case, a multimedia reader to connect directly to the motherboard. This gives you a speedier option, gives the neatness of a click-in card reader, and if you are a typical desktop owner, all of your optical drive bays are not filled. Check out this example over on

For only 20 bucks, this is a great deal and even gives you extra USB utility. For the tech-enlightened, this bay connects to the motherboard by a SATA or USB connection, and is powered with a MOLEX plug.

Wireless Internet and Bluetooth

Connecting a Bluetooth headset or phone to your laptop is a cinch right? Well the leap isn’t huge for the desktop machine either. Connecting a USB dongle that is not much larger than a flash drive, you can connect any Bluetooth-enabled peripherals.

Wireless internet is considered sacrilege by the hardcore gamer types, but if you have no other option to connect your desktop to the internet, then a wireless card might be the way to go. Wireless USB dongles are affordable and while they work, connecting an internal card will be more reliable. There are even dual-band options that are marketed especially for high-speed applications like video streaming and gaming.  Here are two reliable and affordable options on newegg.


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