Article 71: iOS7

Meet the New iPhone…

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Modern Nerd.  This week’s article got pushed to Friday so I would have a chance to download and test the new operating system from Apple on my iPhone. There are reasons why I like my phone, there are reasons why Apple frustrates the heck out of me, but they took a big step forward this week with their new updates to the iOS. Let’s take a look at some of their features and why you should take notice.

…Same as the Old iPhone.

iPhone did not add anything groundbreaking. Their cameras in front and back are still the same. They didn’t give any new apps that change the game, update their policies on open source apps, or create a fingerprint scanner that incriminates you to the NSA. (That meme needs to go away…)

What they did do was give the entire phone’s system a face-lift. It is pretty. I will not deny that the new look is fun and smooth. But JailBreak users have had all of these options for a really long time. Let me explain what I mean.

iPhone now has a control panel that allows one-button control of Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Portrait Lock, Music, Brightness, Flashlight, Alarms, Calculator, and the Camera. It’s really a nice feature, but a third-party app from the JailBreak app store has had this for a year already. Their notification panel has greatly improved, but not in a way that changes everything.

Metro Styling

The apps have been simplified through the Home Screen, and switching between apps gives you a preview now, which is great for people who can see very well. In my personal opinion, the font will be very difficult for people who have less than 20-20 vision to see clearly. Thin text is good looking, but if you have a screen cover that blurs it a little, then the designing is lost to most users.

It’s about time… I guess.

There are some really nice things that they have done to improve the iPhone. Siri has a less irritating voice, the styling is fresh and clean, the built-in apps have been improved, but I am left with the feeling that all of these features are overdue and it takes away from the hype. JailBreaking my iPhone gave me most of this stuff, but it is nice to have it officially supported. iPhone is not going to get drastically better until open-source apps and third party restrictions are relaxed, but that is a different article, Apple is Apple. Thanks for reading. Check out the RSS Feed and Facebook page to get all of the Computer Fixer updates. 

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