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The Google Chromecast: 35 Bucks?!?

Welcome back to the Modern Nerd. This week I am going to give you guys the real scoop on a new piece of kit that is out there, and is making splashes. The Google Chromecast is the new HDMI dongle that is cheap and promises great things for your TV. It has gotten mostly mixed reviews, and this post won’t be much different. Let’s look first at what it is, what it does, and then you can decide if it is right for you.

An HDMI Dongle?

USB dongles have been around for years. Now this technology has been repurposed for the HDMI slot in TV’s. HMDI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, and carries video and sound at high resolutions up to 1080p. Google’s latest invention promises to allow streaming of YouTube, Netflix, and other sources of video with an Android remote or an Apple App.

No Remotes, Just Phones

Google has marketed this device as an ultra-modern, tech savvy, stream from the Cloud device. There is no included dedicated remote, so you need a smartphone or a tablet that has the ability to control it. Android operating systems and Apple iOS both have apps, or you can use a computer to control it. There is a definite appeal to not adding another remote control to the bin, but if you are not as up on the latest tech gear, than this might not be for you.

Simplified Streaming Options

Currently, Google Chromecast supports YouTube, Netflix, Chrome, and Google Play. There are rumors of Pandora coming too, but these four are all for now. You can access your personal movies on your computer with Google Play and a bit of setup, and cast tabs of your internet browser to the TV to share with everyone in the room. There are some cool features to work with, and I am always on board for making computers and TV a more social experience.

35 Bucks.

It’s a very very cool thing, and at a really good price. 35 bucks makes this worth considering by itself, and then you remember that there are no membership fees or usage costs besides what you already pay for. The one thing that the perfectly lit images on the internet do not show, is the fact that Chromecast requires power. You can get it from the USB service jack on your TV or a wall socket with the adapter that they include with it. But it is not a one piece assembly, even if it’s very close.


Thanks for reading guys. I am unsure whether I am going to get one of these myself, not because I don’t want it, but because everything I own is already pretty connected. Getting a simplified and modern interface would be pretty cool though, for just 35 bucks. Follow all of the Modern Nerd content on the Computer Fixer’s RSS feed and through Facebook, and be sure to check us out every week for fresh stuff.

Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer

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