Article 61: Steam Summer Sales

Steam Sales: Summertime Gaming for Cheap!

Hey guys, welcome back to the Modern Nerd. It is my pleasure to be bringing you some insider information on one of the best deals around for PC gamers, the Steam Summer Sale. Whether you are a casual gamer yourself or need a gift idea for the gamer in your life, then you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

What the heck is Steam?

For those of you who may not know, Steam is a game client service offered by Valve Entertainment. Valve is the gaming company that created such iconic games as Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, and others. Their online matchmaking system, similar to Xbox Live or PlayStation Online, is called Steam.

Steam is far more than just online matchmaking however. Their system has evolved to be a complete online gaming store, that will allow you to purchase, download, install, manage, play, share, and play together with friends all of your PC games. All for no subscription fees, or strings attached.

Get to the good part!

The good part is the sales. During major holidays, and in the summertime, you can get games for your computer at 50 to 80 percent off. Games that are normally sold for 60 dollars can be found for 10. If you have a game that you want to play, this is the time to look for it. Up until July 22nd, the sale will continue to run. Games are rotated and picked by the users in the rotation. You can find deals that range from $2.50 or so up to half off a game that just released, making it $25 or $30 down from 60.

But I don’t play games!

Then I weep for you. BUT! You can still take advantage of this for the gamer in your life, because gifts are never unappreciated. If you have a Steam account, which is totally free to sign up for, you can purchase a game as a gift, and send it to an email address connected to the steam account that your friend uses. Steam makes it simple, and gives you two bright yellow buttons to choose from when buying, either for yourself or as a gift. If you buy something as a gift, and then later change your mind, you can gift it to yourself as well and play.

Sign Me Up!

First things first, you need a steam account. Head over to or Google “Steam” to get started. This is totally free. Installing the steam client, which is only a few megabytes, will give you access to the Steam Store, and you can check out all of the amazing prices for games right now. Steam connects games to your account, not your computer. That means you can play any of the games that you own on any computer, you just need to download and install them. Steam makes this simple and does most of it automatically.


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Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer

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