Article 59: Smart TV’s

 Smart TV’s – No Consoles Required

Welcome back to the Modern Nerd. I am always amazed a t how the march of technology never ceases, and while enjoying the coverage of a US Open tournament practically in our backyards, advertised quite heavily, were the latest televisions from Samsung, the so-called Smart TV. This is not a new concept, not even close, but it is a great new melding of existing technologies that will simplify a new entertainment system and give you more options, and it’s the focus of this week’s Modern Nerd. Let’s have a look at some of the features that are available, so you can make the best choice for you.

“Hal, turn on the TV please…”

Voice activation is becoming more and more popular, and the space that it occupies is becoming larger. From asking for sports scores or the weather on your phone to searching the TV for something to watch, using your voice is fast becoming a faster alternative to typing it out. Smart TV’s that have voice integration that can take your search for simple keywords, or even decipher simple questions and commands.

Google vs. Apple vs. Samsung vs…….

There are plenty of different varieties out there when you look at a smart TV. Google and Apple each have their own variety of add-on box that will upgrade your existing HDMI-powered television to be a Smart TV, or you can buy this functionality already built in with a new set. At this time though, to take advantage of features like gestures and voice, you need an integrated system.

Yeah that’s right. I said Gestures.

Now features like pinch zoom, swipe, and all of the others that you are used to on your phone are in the Smart TV’s. Borrowing the idea from the Xbox Kinect, with also images you to take advantage of gesture control, you don’t need to use the remote for everything, and your body can stand in.

Because Everything Needs an App  Store

Yeah, the App Store models are not going away any time soon. Connections to social media, YouTube, streaming services, and all other good things internet are found on the Samsung App Store, the Google Play App Store, and so on.

Do I need this?

There is an old saying. The more you overwork the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. There are a lot of really cool things that you can do with a Smart TV. Ask yourself first though if you want that kind of functionality. Do you use the internet a ton? Are there shows on YouTube and other New Media that you follow closely? Can you quickly and easily pick up the details of a new operating system? There will be a learning curve associated with this and if it is something that you are not entirely prepared for, it could take you by surprise. I know that I want a system that has Internet functionality someday, but for now I am perfectly happy with my computer and television the way they are.


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Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at the Computer Fixer

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