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The magic fix is a simple combination of three keys. Whenever a program freezes up, or you have a problem that needs tinkering to solve, this is the go-to solution. Holding the Control and Alt keys, and pressing Delete will give you the Options screen. CTRL ALT DEL used to restart the computer, with no warning or pop-up, but with advances in the coding of the operating system, you can cut right through all of the running applications to the Task Manager now. The Task Manager is a very useful and powerful tool to control your operating system and all of your programs, and it is the focus of this week’s Modern Nerd. Welcome back. Please note that this article applies to the Task Manager of Windows 8, the newest operating system. Windows 7 lacks some of this functionality.

Simplified View

          The programs that are currently running are shown in the simple view when you first call up the task manager. At the bottom of the page is the End Task button, which can be deployed when a program does not respond to commands. The right-click menu for the programs give even more options, such as running always on top, opening the program file’s location, and examining the program’s properties.



More Details

Pulling down the details menu gives you more power, and more options. This is the Task Manager that users of the old-style Windows 7 will be more familiar with. There are several tabs here that give information about the use of resources on the machine. Your main tab, Processes, can sort programs by the CPU, RAM, Disk transfer rate, and Network usage. These statistics can be viewed in raw data or as a percentage of the total available. You can likewise stop any program or process from this screen that may be malfunctioning.

The Performance tab can show the time-rates of use of the processes and the available resources available. You can see the breakdowns by user as well, and control Windows 8 apps from the Apps tab.


My goal with these articles is always to get more control over my computer, and to empower others to do the same. Thanks for reading. The Computer Fixer’s blog is updated every week, with content from the Modern Nerd and our General Blog. Please feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed and Like our page on Facebook to get all of our updates. See you next week.

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