Article 56: 3D Revisited

 Hey guys, it’s Aaron again, back with more technology goodies for the Modern Nerd. I am going to try to revisit a topic that I already covered, because there are new and exciting developments that are available in immersion for your television and games. 3D is getting more exciting by offering solutions with more affordable glasses, so lets dive in and take a look.

Polarization: The new window to 3D


While I won’t spend a lot of time why polarization works, I will say that it’s the same technology that you are able to take advantage of when you go see a 3D movie. By sending two different images at you at once, differentiable by a polarized filter, one eye can take one picture and the other can take the second picture.

Sometimes at the movie theaters you have to deal with poor seats, unfocused images, screen brightness issues, and of course noisy viewers. There is a special level of hell reserved for them. When you are at home, you can get even better picture quality and experience, while not having to pay $60 for each pair of glasses.

So what’s the difference?

The difference in these technologies is PASSIVE 3D vs. ACTIVE 3D. You can think of it also as dumb 5 dollar glasses vs. smart 60 dollar ones. Passive 3D is available in computer monitors to enhance your gaming experience, televisions in all size ranges, and at the movie theaters now.

A Taste of the Future

3D is not going anywhere. There is a big demand for it and new and exciting things are coming out all the time. Don’t believe me? Do yourself a favor and Google ‘Oculus Rift.’ They are developing some very exciting 3D immersion software packages that are very much the virtual reality glasses that have long been the tales reserved only for science fiction. They are in their production phase now, but you can still pre-order them.

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