Article 52: Streaming Legal Music

Welcome back to the Modern Nerd. I’m going to share a secret with you guys this week. It’s a personal character flaw, but it’s one that I have learned to live with. I am a horrible DJ. I can’t decide on music to save my life, and when it comes to making mixes I’m even worse. However, like many small problems I have fixed, I can rely on technology to help me out a little bit. Today we are going to look at options that you use to automate your music selections, and apps that might even help you to discover new artists.

Pandora – A box filled with music

Pandora has the marketshare of streamers. Listening to music on Pandora is as easy as downloading the app to your smartphone or navigating in a computer browser. Pandora uses a single song, artist, album, or genre as a seed to choose music that is similar, based on several musical criteria I will not pretend to understand. I will say though that I enjoy their service immensely. There is a commercial every few songs or so, but you have the option to pay them 4 bucks a month to get rid of them. All in all, Modern Nerd approved. Other streaming services that offer similar functionality are Spotify, Grooveshark, and Check them out and see if you like one better than the rest.

Making Playlists with what you Already Have

If you don’t want to open your playlists to Internet chosen mayhem, then there are several options available to you. iTunes has a free service called Genius, which will take one song from your library, and build a playlist based on it. This is not a new service, but they constantly update their databases to give you more accurate results even with the latest music choices.

Groove Music Player is another solid choice if you are not sold on a piece of software that has to update itself every 10 minutes. Seriously iTunes, what the hell? But I digress. Groove uses the music you have to create predictive playlists and its interface is clean and simple. It is currently available for iOS and Windows 8.

Indie Developers Need Love Too

If nothing mainstream here catches your fancy, there are a bunch of great services on their way up too. Streaming music doesn’t show signs of slowing down, so check out things in beta like Piki, Whyd, and They have some great features to help you keep all the random goodies YouTube everywhere organized.

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Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at the Computer Fixer


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