Article 51: Dead Gadget Storage

Welcome back to the Modern Nerd. We bring you cool things on our blog on a regular basis, and it’s a bunch of fun to see the latest and greatest advances that come to the consumer market. Space age technology and new scientific breakthroughs advance our quality of living sure, but it is also important to remember where we came from. That is the focus of today article, a few of the gadgets that you probably have done away with. Even if you still own a few of them, it’s unlikely that you still rely on them for daily use. So let’s take a look at the tech goodies of days past and remember that not everything is the next iPhone.

Dumb Phones – What do you mean there’s no Internet?

Smartphones have replaced cell phones, which has inspired the new term, dumb phones. This is meant to imply that the phone does not have internet access or dynamic apps that are a staple of the current versions. Phones that could only talk and text used to be the biggest game changer of the 20th century, but now there is no demand for them, no suppliers of them, and they have gone to the technology graveyard.

ZIP Disk and Minidiscs

Remember the floppy disks that had the capacity to keep up? ZIP disks were introduced by Iomega back when the floppy drive was a staple of computer building. Mini discs, the half size CD’s that were meant to be a smaller, more portable version of the storage mediums that caught on right after floppy disks were dead and buried. Mini discs never caught on though, because the MP3 player removed our need for a portable disc library forever. There are a few people that still use them, but the obvious improvements that MP3 players, USB drives, and other media have made has left them in the dust.

Windshield GPS

Smartphones are replacing more than just phones now too. The GPS that sticks to your dashboard by suction cup is becoming a thing of the past, as software has less support to keep your maps up to date and relevant. The GPS is also a big target for people to break into cars and take them, so recent trends have been to stick to the free turn by turn navigation offered by most every smartphone maker out there.

Following the Trend – USB Thumbdrives

Just as the USB stick replaced a lot of things, cloud storage is making the USB stick obsolete. The Modern Nerd just looked at this interesting trend, as well as laid out some options, back in article 49. The fact that you can get a USB drive that you can never lose that updates instantaneously is a pretty big draw, and it is causing the USB stick to die, albeit more slowly than other things.


According to Wikipedia, Moore’s law is the observation that over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors per square inch on computer chips doubles every two years. We have all seen the effects of this in our daily lives, as the amount of computing power we carry in our pockets dwarfs the power of the computers that we used to send men to the moon. So as the technology marches on, what will we see next? What gadgets are going to be obsolete in 5 years? Will desktop computers be totally gone, replaced by a cloud of computing power that everyone can access from anywhere? Will our smartphones be replaced by computers integrated into our glasses or contact lenses? One thing is for certain, the future is going to be awesome.

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Aaron Krick
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