Article 44: Backing Up Facebook

 Backing up Facebook

Facebook is a crazy entity. It changed the internet, and everyone who has ever gotten involved with it has an opinion. Some good, some bad, some indifference. However you choose to use it, if at all, Facebook has a lot of resources to help you stay connected and involved. The data on Facebook is one big grey area, but if I were to ask you if you had a copy of everything that you have posted there, you probably wouldn’t answer yes. Photos, status updates, messages to friends, there is a lot of information there that you may want a copy of to make sure it is never lost.


          This week on the Modern Nerd, we’ll take a look at how it is possible to get an archive copy of all the data on Facebook that you have posted (to an extent, they don’t give you absolutely everything), how to read through it, and how to make sure that you have copies of everything. Because something has got to help you fill up that terabyte hard drive that was just too tempting to pass on. If you are a fan of the Modern Nerd content, please Like our page on Facebook, subscribe to the RSS feed, and get all of our updates every week. Thanks for reading, and let’s have a look at how easy this really is.

Requesting Your Archive

Since an archive of everything that you have ever posted is not exactly small or routinely asked for, Facebook goes through a security check to make sure that your nosy roommate isn’t the one doing the requesting. You locked your email account and computer right..?

          Navigating through the settings menu is always an interesting exercise, considering how often they like to change it, but under Account Settings you will find a link that says “Download Your Information”. After you follow the “Learn More” link, you can click the download button to get everything.

          They will build you an archive of everything that you are requesting, and then send you an email. Included here is a fairly hack-proof test, they will ask you to identify a friend by their picture, which is slightly problematic if you have a friend who insists on tagging themselves as a dog, or other no doubt hysterical inanimate object. There is also a good deal of waiting involved in this step. If your profile has seen its share of friends added, then you cod be waiting for several hours before you receive your download link.

          Thanks for reading as always. I believe that it is important to keep copies of everything that you deem important, especially with the advent of cloud storage and off-site storage, because while companies stake their reputations on their reliability, it is a chance that you don’t have to take.

Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer


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