Article 43: Blu Ray Updates

Updating Your Blu Ray Firmware



Welcome to this week’s edition of the Modern Nerd. This week we are going to explore your home theatre again. So you’ve got the awesome stereo, the big bad TV, and the Blu Ray player. You buy a new movie, and come home to pop it in for a night of relaxing entertainment. And then tragedy strikes as your disc will not load. Avoid the string of expletives, and we’ll fix it. Not all Blu Ray players are created equal, and file formats change slightly from generation to generation. Most of the time, this is an easy fix, so let’s go through the steps and get you back to movie night.

Step 1: Identify your Blu Ray Player

How old is your Blu Ray player? Who made it? Does it have internet connectivity? All of these questions are important to the troubleshooting process so check out your documentation. Players that have the ability to connect to the internet can update themselves practically automatically, so navigate through your menus to Updates, most likely under Settings, and download the latest updates right from the manufacturer’s website. The process will take a few minutes, so be patient. The player will likely restart at least once, so when it is back, try loading your disc again and you’ll be good to go.

Step 2: No Internet Connectivity

So you can’t connect to the Internet? Not to fear. That is actually more common, as the older players are the ones that need the updates. Check the back of your system to see if there is a USB port for a thumbdrive to accept programming updates. If not, you’ll have to burn a data CD with the files. In either case, you will have to manually download the new firmware from the manufacturer’s website, so get your brand and model number ready and plug them into a search engine. Usually this is all you need to get onto the manufacturer’s site and be pointed in the right direction.

Step 3: Read the Directions

I said it above, and it holds true. Not all players are created equally. Updating your firmware is a potentially tricky process that could cause damage, so there is no blanket procedure for manual updating. You will likely have to download a small (less than 25 Mb) file, burn it to a CD, or place it onto your flash drive.

If you read the documentation on your player’s website, you will get a detailed procedure to follow for the rest of the updating. Here is the section that contains all of the disclaimers, so pay attention to them. Interrupting power, pressing too many buttons, or getting impatient during the process could result in a very nice brick. It’s a process; respect the process. You have been warned.

Blu Ray players occasionally have to be updated just like every other computer-esque component of your setup. Make no mistake, that player is more like a computer than your older DVD player, and with enhanced features like internet connectivity and streaming videos from subscription services, it can need updates to make everything work together.

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Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at the Computer Fixer


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