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Making Text Larger – Windows Accessibility

The other day I was reading a rather fascinating article online, and tried to let a statistic speak for itself, only to find that my friend couldn’t read it because they didn’t have their glasses. After launching into a fit of laughter, my kinder side kicked in. I’ll share with you guys a couple of tricks that I showed her, because the text size on your computer is completely up to you, and if you want less eye strain then a larger size font might be for you. Let’s check out some accessibility options for internet browsers and Windows in this week’s Modern Nerd.

Computer Monacle – The Magnifier Tool

The first thing that you can do if your glasses didn’t make the trip to the office with you is turn on the magnifier. Just hit your Windows key and type Magnifier. There are several modes, you can choose the lens, make a portion of your screen a magnified mouse, or just make everything larger. You can choose different levels of magnification too to suit your needs. This is a great tool for those who have difficulty seeing pictures as well as reading text on the computer screens.

Where the &*#% is the Mouse?

If you are having trouble finding your mouse on the screen, make it bigger! There are several different “schemes” that you can use to change how your pointers look on the screen, and you could even make a custom set if you download the mouse pointers from your favorite video game or themed to one of your favorite movies. Just hit the Windows key and type Mouse to get to the Control Panel options for the mouse. You can even use mouse trails to keep track more easily.

Display and the Ease of Access Center

Changing the system font size is another good option if all you need is a little help to see the screen. Right click your desktop and choose Display to get the menu. If you want to set up text to speech recognition or full disability assistance, then the Ease of Access Center is where you want to go. Their menus are fairly straightforward, just hit that Windows key and type ease of access.

Internet Browsers and Programs

If you want to increase the zoom in Mozilla’s Firefox, or Google Chrome, or Microsoft Word, or an Explorer window, or……… there is a universal shortcut available to you. You may end up using this as much as CTRL-C/V once you learn it. Hold CTRL and roll your mouse wheel up and down to control the page zoom. Text, pictures, videos (most of them) and programs can be made easier to read or more space efficient very quickly.


Just remember that your computer’s parameters are never set in stone. You can change almost anything about it if you know where to look. Google is a great resource as always. Thanks for reading. Be sure to like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get all of the updates on our blog, updated every week at The Computer Fixer.

Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer



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