Article 37: Smartphone Repair

Whether or not we would like to admit it, we are dependent on our smartphones. They have become an extension of our day, our schedule, our connectivity, and a deeply personal thing. Think about what you would feel and think when someone asks to borrow your phone. Do you want them snooping around? It’s a personal device and when it breaks, you take it quite badly.

It’s Broke…

Now the options. Fix it? Replace it? Change it? Crawl back into the cave? Let’s assume for a second  that we don’t want to be cavemen again. Sure it was quiet and peaceful but you need to be connected. And play games. Ok, mostly games.

Before I explore all of the options available, the real ones, think about how much time you spent setting up your phone. Really. You have a browser on your phone, with all of your favorite sites all setup. I bet you even have passwords saved on your smartphone. Pictures, movies, ringtones, apps, there are a ton of ways to customize your phone and make it yours, and do you really want to do all of that again?



…But we can fix it.

Apple repair services on smartphones have policies against leaving your hard drive intact. They wipe everything as a matter of course, to protect themselves and their equipment. Other smartphone companies policies vary but you are taking a chance that you will get repaired hardware with a fresh operating system.

So if you elect to fix a broken button or screen or switch with the Computer Fixer, you get your hardware back as close to the way it was before it suicide into a brick wall as we can. Hard drives can become damaged like any other piece of equipment, but we do our best to give you your phone back. It can make a world of difference if everything is just the way you left it.

Money is an Object

If you are considering an upgrade, a broken smartphone is pretty much the universe giving you the nod. However, a new piece of equipment is expensive without a contract discount or if you are particularly fond of a certain brand of phone. Replacing a damaged screen or a broken button or microphone will cost less than half of the price of a brand new phone. Our partners have excellent deals for anything that could be wrong, and stand by their work. Life is expensive enough without a $500 smartphone to replace completely.


The Computer Fixer on Campus has always been a great place for students to go to get back into the game when things go wrong with computers and laptops. Now we are glad to be extending our services to include tablets and smartphones. The technology is changing fast, so we are staying with it. Thanks for reading as always. Subscribe to our facebook page or RSS feed to get the latest updates from the Computer Fixer’s blog, as well as The Modern Nerd.

Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer


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