Article 36: Tablets!

Tablets are straight out of Star Trek. When I was a little kid, I watched people walk around a futuristic starship with pads that contained anything and everything with a screen that worked simply by touching it. Now, we can do that. PC and Mac users alike have hardware that competes for our attention, with sleek designs and convenient features that interface with all of our existing technology.

Welcome back to the Modern Nerd, and this is the Tablet edition, giving you some cool history and features highlights as the Computer Fixer moves into 2013. If you didn’t catch last week’s article, I would recommend checking it out, there are a couple cool new features of our repair services that will make your life a lot easier when the worst happens. Let’s get right into it.

Note Taking goes High Tech

Tablet computers are computers that are single-panel. Everything is done with the screen. Modern touchscreens work based on the capacitance of your finger, which is why you get so frustrated when you try to use your phone with your gloves on. You can use a stylus as well, so long as the tip is designed especially for a modern screen.

Whether the tablet has a foldable keyboard or not, in tablet mode it is a great solution for taking notes while focused on someone speaking, without hiding behind a laptop screen. Tablets are not new; the earliest versions came about in the 1990’s. Like all things tech since the 90’s, they have improved substantially.

App Functionality

The difference between the tablet and the laptop computer is how the programs work. Mostly tablets run using apps because of the limited nature of the control system. Touch functionality is important in apps, whereas desktop programs are much more dependent on a keyboard-mouse setup. Windows 8 is changing the scene a little, with the full version coming to tablets soon*, but this option is a bit more expensive. You will need to decide if you need a full operating system on a tablet for what programs you need to run.

Repair… You Dropped WHAT on It?

Tablets in general are not user-serviceable. As with all things tech, the more specialized the hardware, the more specialized the tools you need to fix them. It’s not as simple as grabbing a screwdriver and swapping out a hard drive anymore. If you need to fix a broken screen, non-working buttons, or software failures, looking for the best price in your area will serve you well.

The Computer Fixer does not replace your hardware, we replace the broken components and leave your files and settings intact whenever possible. This saves you time on setup and hassle, and we are conveniently located in the middle of Drexel University’s campus. We understand how essential these devices have become in the college scene, so we do our best to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


Using a tablet or convertible tablet is a great way to lighten the load in your backpack and not in your capabilities. Check out the many different varieties available with the introduction of Windows 8, and come in to see what the Computer Fixer can do to help you if you are having troubles. Thanks for reading, come check out the rest of our blog to get cool tech tips and tricks every week.

Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer


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