Article 35: Smartphone Repairs!

­Welcome back to the Modern Nerd, and Happy New Year to all! 2013 is upon us, the world spins on, and I hope that the year treats all of you well. For many who got a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas or otherwise, welcome to the 21st century. There are so many cool uses for them, and I hope that you find as much productivity as you do enjoyment. A tall order, well, perhaps.
More Uses, More Chances for… Accidents.
Humans are imperfect. All you have to do is look at reality television, both at its content and its concept. The more you use your phone or your tablet the more chances that you could drop it. Break it. Spill something on it… The list is as long as it is horrific. Cases and protectors can do wonders for the everyday hazards, but just like us, are imperfect. If you break something, there are basically three options.
Reuse, Replace, Recycle
The first option is to buy a replacement. That is generally the worst option, as the cost of hardware is quite high without a cell phone agreement or holiday sale. There are ways to sell your broken hardware, but they are generally accepted as losing propositions. If you are not ready to upgrade your hardware to a newer version, then your best bet is going to be repairs.
New Year, New Partners, New Benefits for You
The Computer Fixer is proud to announce a new way to get your entire tech arsenal fixed. Despite manufacturers’ propaganda you can save money by repairing a cracked screen or a broken camera instead of replacing. Through the Computer Fixer we can now handle smartphones from all major manufacturers, tablets covering iPads, Blackberry, Dell, Motorola, Samsung, and others.
Services Offered
Over the next couple of weeks, the Modern Nerd will be detailing the services that will be offered by our new partners, uBreakiFix. Please stop by our office on Drexel University’s campus to learn more, and for specific pricing.
iPhones are the most common, and due their construction, easy to break. Screen repairs, water damage, LCD repairs, Cameras, buttons, and the back cover are all repairable at prices that are more reasonable than you would imagine. iPhone 5’s are the newest and the most difficult to service, so if you are considering buying one of these brand new phones, a maintenance and accidental damage replacement policy is not an unwise investment. Come talk to us to see if you can save some money getting back up and running.
Thanks for reading. The repair industry is constantly changing and adapting, as parts and devices cannot be serviced at home. The Computer Fixer is dedicated to providing our customers with the best. Be sure to subscribe to the Modern Nerd’s RSS feed for all of our updates, every week on our Blog.
Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at the Computer Fixer

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