Article 30: Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is upon us, and would first and foremost like to wish a happy holiday to everyone, and I hope that you get to spend time with those people in your life that mean the most. Sure football and turkey and the numerous traditions that go with it are great, but family should always come first. That is why I am not participating in Black Thursday, which I will get right down to explaining in a minute. However, the largest shopping holiday of the year is upon us as well, and that cannot be denied. There are some great opportunities to get ahead of the curve getting the latest tech gear at great prices. Let’s have a look, on this week’s Modern Nerd.

Black Thursday – Now You’re Just Getting Greedy

There is more than one large company that is opening its doors on Thursday night, Thanksgiving night. The idea of a midnight opening is bad enough, but stores like Walmart who are asking their employees to come in at 7 or 8 o’clock and work a 12 hour shift is not in the spirit of the holidays. I will not be attending or doing any of my shopping there, but it is for you to decide if this Thursday is better spent relaxing with family, or shopping for your family.

Cyber Monday

Enough depressing thoughts, its time to discuss happier things. Once the holiday is over, and we are treated to a long weekend, the Friday after Thanksgiving, there is an unprecedented amount of shopping done to kick off the Christmas season. For those expert crowd negotiators, ruthless shopping cart drivers, and professional spenders, it’s a holiday unto itself. For the rest of us, there is the Internet.

The term Cyber Monday was coined by an article released by, back in 2005. Their goal was to persuade people to shop online, and it has worked very, very well. The discounts offered by many different companies over this coming weekend and on Monday will grow the amount online shoppers will spend from last year, which was over 1.2 billion dollars on Monday, online alone, according to comScore, Inc.

Computer retailers, electronics suppliers, and almost any company with an online sales presence will be trying to get a piece of the sales pie, so look for great discounts at all of your favorite stores. I personally will be getting needed parts for a computer build I am putting together, and it’s something I have been looking forward to for a few months now.

Time and Place

In closing I would like to say a few words about using the Internet on company time to shop and surf. According to an article published on in November 2011, 7% of human resource managers who had to let people go did so because of holiday shopping while on company time. So as you look through some great deals and get the best prices, make sure not to turn off your brain, and don’t lose your job over it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a good holiday, and subscribe to our RSS feed and email list to be included in all of the updates for the Modern Nerd, updated every week here at the Computer Fixer’s website. Thanks go out to Wikipedia for the use of a few statistics, referenced above. Take care.


Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer


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