Article 22: Recycling and Responsible Ownership

We love our gadgets. Everyone seems to go nuts for a new phone every few months. New tablets, laptops, computers, everything is better new right? This presents a not so small problem when it comes to disposing of the old, and it’s the focus of this week’s Modern Nerd. Owning a piece of technology means being responsible for it even after it’s usable life. Let’s check it out.

Circuit Boards and Sushi

Circuit boards are printed on silicon. However, the motherboards, RAM chips, and all other circuitry have heavy metal components such as lead and mercury. This does not present a problem when handling pieces in small doses, but exposure is cumulative. You should remember to take care and wash your hands after working on technology, even if they don’t look dirty. Minimizing exposure is important.

When you have no more use for a computer, the worst place you can place it is the trash can. Old computers can leak their heavy metals and other hazardous materials into landfills, water supplies, and be toxic to the environment. You may also be legally liable if you dispose of equipment improperly. The EPA takes these things quite seriously, as the number of tech devices per household doesn’t seem to be on the decline at all.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you have such devices to get rid of, take them to your local recycling center. Even batteries and cell phones should not be placed into the trash because of their potentially hazardous and reactive components.

This entry is a reminder that most people are aware of, but it is also the announcement of some very exciting news. The Computer Fixer in Philadelphia is proud to announce that they are partnering with another Philadelphia company, Sycamore International.

Sycamore International

Sycamore is proud to offer a full range of technology options ranging from disposal to buying of old equipment, refurbishing, selling discounted computers, all environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral.

They recycle old hard drives, but you should not be at all apprehensive about your data. They use a seven-step process that conforms to the standards set by the Department of Defense of data protection. Any information that is stored on old hard drives will be securely erased, never to return.

Sycamore offers ways to work with local businesses as well, removing any quantity of old materials and offering fair market prices for components, with minimal impact on the day to day operations of your business. You can feel better about the impact on the environment when you work with Sycamore, as every piece of tech that they recycle will be done responsibly.

The Computer Fixer in Philadelphia replaces a wide range of parts in computers, from hard drives to keyboards to LCD screens, all of which have their own special concerns with regards to proper disposal. Old junk computers that have scrap value and non-working parts from our operation will now be handled with the care that they deserve, because reducing pollution and toxic chemical proliferation is a group effort.

Thanks for reading. I believe that this is a topic that everyone should have an understanding of, so we can move forward with the right information regarding what we leave behind for future generations. Please also visit

to learn more about their great services. See you next week, tech enthusiasts.



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