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Hi. My name is Aaron Krick. I am an engineering student, a rugby player, martial artist, and I am a computer nerd.

The word has taken a whole new meaning since an entire generation has matured in the age of the personal computer. As I commute from school on a normal day, I am able to write this blog, while listening to music and checking up on when the next practice for Drexel’s rugby team is. Being a nerd now means that you can take any two pieces of technology and make them work together. When it comes right down to it, that is what technology should do for you. Make connections to make your everyday life easier.

People who can fix computers have become as indispensable as a mechanic or a hair stylist. Your hair will always grow, your car will always need another inspection, and your computer will eventually break down for one reason or another. I personally have been working with (and playing games on) computers since grade school. Growing up with the evolution of operating systems from Windows 95 to the latest iPhone has given me a fairly broad perspective on how everything fits together.

I am hoping to share some of that knowledge I have gained from almost no practical training, no formal classes outside of the standard high school computer proficiency and typing classes (most of which I spent playing games because I knew all of the material beforehand anyway). The world has become digital, connected, and a lot smaller.

Because I don’t have any formal training, and since this is primarily my hobby, I will endeavor to spell everything out in plain English. You don’t need to know how to code your own programs to make the most out of your expensive devices. Sure that helps, but that will be beyond the scope of my blog entries. 

If you can gain a basic understanding of your operating systems and their capabilities, you’ll be able to apply that with ease to everyday troubleshooting situations.Before long you’ll be so proficient, people will be asking for your help fixing their computer, which will not seem like such a daunting task any more. Like any mastery process, starting small and building on your skills is the way to go.
So stay a while, and listen.

Aaron Krick
Blog Contributor at The Computer Fixer

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